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How Will I Know The Way?


Jesus does not ever want you to be lost along life's highway, that is not His will for your life.  In chapters 14 and 15 of  John's Gospel, Jesus responds to a direct question from His disciple about how to find the way.  Jesus addresses the disciples' confusion by drawing a detailed roadmap with some  of the most beautiful, divine words He ever uttered. In this study we join Jesus in the Upper Room with His disciples and as He walks with them along the Kidron Valley as He is on the way to the Cross. He gives them life transforming revelations, powerful spiritual tools, marvelous spiritual gifts and rock solid promises.  In this study you will learn what Jesus says He desires of you and the many spiritual tools He has provided to help you to successfully navigate through this life.  Jesus  gave us these wonderful truths and prayed for you ( John 17 ) to always know the way to be connected to him so that you can live a fruitful life and provide a compelling witness to the world of His love.  

Jesus does not want us to be confused about him. He will seek you out, stir your heart and challenge you to know and worship Him.

If you are feeling like you have gotten off track, don't stay down in that situation. If you are ensnared in some things that you can't seem to break free from don't worry, there's help available. You don't have to do it on your own, there's strength, freedom and deliverance in the Savior who is the way back.  He is The Way, come to him, come back to him. He is waiting with open arms.

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